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Thank you!

Erin V.  "We just wrapped up in Brandy W Henry's Instagram workshop and WOW. Before I even walked in the door I could feel the frustration and disinterest in a task I feel forced to do. When I walked out the door I was truly excited about getting started on this project! There is so much value and information packed into this 90-minute workshop. I would highly recommend it to any business owner or entrepreneur!!"

Thank you, Erin!

Erin M. "Just finished the workshop with Brandy on Instagram. Absolutely loved it!  Brandy took her time explaining everything and answered all of my questions. I’m a Gen X person who didn’t  think I was hip enough or could have a voice on this platform. Brandy was incredibly encouraging and made me realize that I can!  She was so kind,  helpful and engaged. I am so excited to go and create the Instagram page that I want so I can engage the people that I speak to!  Thank you Brandy!"

Thank you, Erin!

Cat E. "Attending Brandy's workshop was like having someone finally throw me an Instagram life preserver! It was great to have someone break down the important elements of this tool into practical, tangible information I can begin to use immediately. She created a really fun space where everyone in the workshop was a part of the conversation, and we all walked away excited to get more out of Instagram for our small businesses."

Thank you, Cat!

I recently attended Brandy's Instagram class and found it was very helpful! Brandy taught me some very useful things, from looking at why I'm using Instagram in my business, how I want my account to look, and how to be strategic with what I'm doing there. Brandy is an amazing teacher who is very clear in her teacher and made the info easy to digest and absorb! I highly recommend attending one of her classes!

Thank you, Lyn!

Before taking Brandy’s Instagram workshop, I believed I needed to create a particular kind of presence or “look” on Instagram, which felt contrived to me. As an introverted business owner and a creative who really loves privacy and isolation sometimes, that belief created pressure to “perform” on a consistent basis, which is not how I function.


Brandy’s workshop relieved some of that pressure by helping me see that my Instagram feed can look however I want it to look and that I can, for instance, do a series of videos, then take a break from them… that it’s okay to disrupt the visual “pattern” of the feed sometimes.


Thanks to Brandy’s knowledge and approach to teaching the fine points of Instagram, I left the workshop excited about using it more fully because I now feel I can be casual and natural in my approach – more myself. 

Thank you, Johnnie! 

Abby W. "Brandy's Instagram workshop was extremely helpful! Brandy's approach to Instagram is like a breath of fresh air. She is light, relatable, and inspiring as well as knowledgeable about Instagram. The workshop helped me develop my overall social media strategy for my business. I left feeling excited to build my Instagram account and get my message out into the world. I highly recommend her workshops!"

Thank you, Abby!

Brighid O. "Challenges before the workshop: 

- l don’t use social media in my personal life, extremely limited engagement with instagram, AND resistance to spending time on it (combined with recognition that’s its essential for a new business).

Different about workshop:

- engaging in a small group; felt a community aspect; people at different levels with different experiences all learning and sharing without judgement


- pretty much everything. Namely, there is so much to learn but it can also be simple and exciting. Actionable items I can try out now.

How I feel about instagram now:

- far less resistant. I’m really to give it a real try!   Thank you!"

Thank you, Brighid!

If you’re looking to up your instagram game in an authentic way, Brandy is your girl.  She has invested the time to learn the latest tips, tricks, and secrets and is very patient and encouraging in her teaching style. I walked away from our workshop together with way more insight than I expected. I highly recommend working with Brandy to anyone apprehensive about the 'gram.  

Thank you, Dr. M.!

I had the opportunity to attend Brandy’s Instagram workshop recently and left feeling satisfied that my initial questions were answered. Up to that point I had two Instagram accounts and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of time I felt I needed to invest to keep both sites updated with content. Social media was starting to feel more like a job, requiring more and more time. She helped me understand that with the type of business  I run and my personal interest, could be combined into one account. Wow, what a relief. 

Thank you, Naim!